Anslutningstabeller: MIG

These charts describe the physical connectivity of the equipment in question only and should not be considered as a general recommendation for any welding task.
Always check that the welding gun/torch model's load capacity is suited for the currents used. T.ex. Flexlite model "GX 253G" load capacity is 250 A, whereas "GX 403G" load capacity is 400 A.


= Primary compatibility

o = Secondary compatibility (welding gun remote not supported by the connected equipment)


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StängdFlexlite GX(3) MIG guns

StängdFlexlite GX(5) MIG guns

StängdFlexlite GX(8) MIG guns

StängdFlexlite GC MIG guns

StängdFlexlite GF MIG guns

StängdFlexlite TX TIG torches (MIG)

StängdLämpliga handhållna fjärreglage

* Discontinued product.

Letters with the Flexlite product model names stand for:

W = vattenkyld, G = gaskyld, MN = multi-neck, S = extra långa slangpaket.

Connector types mentioned in brackets ().


For more information on equipment configurations: Kemppi Configurator


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