System introduction

X8 MIG Welder is a multi-process welding equipment intended for demanding professional use in general or heavy fabrication. The welding system is suitable for various MIG/MAG processes (MIG, 1-MIG, Pulse, DPulse, WiseRoot+, WiseThin+ ) as well as MMA welding and gouging, cladding and brazing.

Structure of X8 MIG Welder
1. X8 Power Source 400/500/600
  • Includes all the software, welding programs and memory channels for the welding system
  • Connects to one or two X8 Wire Feeders
2. X8 Wire Feeder
  • Operates with several wire spool types (some of which require an adapter)
  • Connects to an external wire drum
  • Contains a control panel for basic adjustment of welding parameters, memory channels and settings
3. X8 MIG Gun 200/300/400-g, 420/520/600-w, X8 MIG Gun WS 420-w
  • Connects to the wire feeder with Kemppi Gun Adapter
  • Gas-cooled models feature a rotating, changeable neck
  • Remote control for selecting memory channels and adjusting settings (optional)
  • Ergonomic pistol grip handle
4. X8 Cooler (optional)
  • Optionally included in the power source delivery
  • Can also be purchased separately
  • Essential for welding with a current over 400 A
5. Control Pad
  • Wireless remote interface for operating X8 MIG Welder
6. Interconnection Cable 70/95-w/-g (several options)
  • Bundle of cables connecting the wire feeder to the power source
  • Transfers the welding current, control signals, shielding gas and coolant from the power source to the wire feeder
7. X8 Wheel Set (several options)
  • The wheel set is included in the power source delivery
  • The gas cylinder cart is optionally included in the power source delivery
8. My Fleet web service
  • Cloud-based service for viewing and managing various information about your X8 MIG Welder
  • Provides manufacturer's validation certificate
9. WeldEye (optional)
  • Cloud-based service for creating and managing digital WPS documents and other welding-related information

In addition:

  • Several accessories (optional)
  • Several welding software products (optional)